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Healthcare Facility Engineering Design

Healthcare Facility Design

Healthcare facilities are the most unique of all building types. They are environments where the occupants of the building are susceptible to many risks. The engineers of DHE are licensed professional engineers (PE) and certified healthcare facility design professionals (HFPD) and experienced in designing and renovating the most acute-care buildings. DHE understands the vast knowledge of regulatory requirements in a health care setting, while also maintaining energy efficient design.


Project: North Pavilion Hospital
Owner: Bronson HealthCare Group
Description: 143,000 sq. ft., $37 million renovation of an existing inpatient tower to a mixed use inpatient birthplace hospital. The building renovation included complete removal and new installation of all mechanical, medical gas, plumbing, lighting, power, and nurse call systems. The new facility featured neonatal intensive care units, labor ad delivery rooms, C-section suites, post-partum and ante partum patient rooms.


Project: Inpatient Surgical and Procedure Rooms
Owners: McLaren Healthcare Corporation, Bronson Healthcare Group, among others.
DHE engineering has completed a range of inpatient surgical, catheterization, angiography, and endovascular suites. O.R. and procedure rooms require specialized design including controlled air patterns, high filtration and air exchange rates, and consistent and immense lighting level. Operating room suite designs include air curtain type, partial linear laminar type, and meet ASHRAE’s 170 and AIA standards. Cardiac Catheterization and angiography suite designs include ultra low temperatures and humidity environmental control.


Project: New Emergency Department
Owner: Battle Creek Health Systems
29,385 sq. ft., $8 million emergency department addition. The building features an integrated infection control strategy meeting the standards of the CDC with negative pressure rooms, and separate clean staff and patient areas. The waiting room is designed with high air exchange rates and HEPA filtration. The department features 40 patient beds which include universal exam rooms, isolation rooms, psychiatric rooms, trama rooms, and triage rooms for a projection of 60,000 annual visits.


Project: New Rehab Hospital
Owner: Southwest Rehabilitation
42,900 sq. ft., $8.9 million inpatient rehab hospital. This state of the art facility features private patient rooms along with rehabilitation gyms, therapy pool, and full kitchen and dining. The building includes all the systems of an acute care inpatient hospital including medical gas systems, and backup power and heating systems. Other features include an indoor therapy pool (ambient lighted) with an advanced dehumidification system.


Healthcare Facility Design
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