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Infrastructure Master Planning and Assessment

Infrastructure Master Planning & Assessment

Creating a comprehensive infrastructure assessment and master plan in close coordination with the organization’s master plan can result in energy, manpower, and cost savings. Identifying deficiencies and the capital resources required to correct deficiencies provides and organization with predictable expenses. DHE engineering offers a wide variety of planning, studies, and assessments; including infection control risk assessment (IRCA) planning for health care organizations. DHE Engineering’s knowledge of regulatory requirements and hazard vulnerability can identify potential problem areas within a facility. Our energy simulation and life cycle cost analysis ability can predict financial indicators for capital investment like payback and net present value (NPV).

Highlighted Projects


Project: Master Facility Plan and Assessment
Owner: Lakeview Hospital
In this comprehensive master facility, the design team surveyed, documented, and evaluated every mechanical, medical gas, and electrical system in the critical access hospital. The hospital was 90,270 sq. ft. The assessment cited deficiencies required by The Joint Commission (TJC) and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) and laid the ground work for the TJC required hazard vulnerability document. The master plan developed ideas for system replacement, construction phasing, and capital requirements.


Project: South Campus Master Air System Plan
Owner: Bronson Healthcare Group
This plan developed strategies for adding and redistributing air systems for 610,000 sq. ft. of inpatient floor area in order to account for a 5 year master plan of department reorganization within the facility. The plan integrated strategies to keep all the areas of the hospital up and running during normal operation and construction. The plan worked closely with the organization’s mater operational plan.


Project: Medical Gas Master Plan
Owner: Ingham Regional Orthopedics Hospital
This plan analyzed 260,000 sq. ft. of inpatient hospital and calculated the use of medical oxygen, medical vacuum, and medical air systems. The study was used to determine to what extent the hospital could grow before having to expand their central medical gas source equipment.




DHE Engineering Infrastructure Master Planning and Assessment
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